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July 3, 2011

DVD Review: Scripture Bugs ‘The Story of Moses’

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Review from November 19 , 2008 printed in the Deseret News at the end of a review by Dad.

A kid’s view
By Kate, age 7

Let me tell you about Scripture Bugs.

Scripture Bugs is about a boy named Noah. It takes place in Hawaii where he doesn’t have any friends except his imaginary friend bugs. The bugs, with him, are on a football team. Noah shrank to the bugs’ size. He felt down because a bug said something mean, so his dad tells him the story of Moses.

Scripture Bugs

Scripture Bugs

I especially liked the story of Moses because I like how it has bugs and the funny singing group. I liked how his beard kept growing when he was little — it was funny. And you will have to find out the rest by watching it.

There’s a lot of songs. I think my favorite one is “I’m a Child of God.” It goes, “I’m a child of God, I’m one of his people, And for all my life, I’ll stand up against evil.” You see, it’s not the same as the other version “I am a child of God, And he has sent me here.”

I would recommend this movie for your family.

Another kid’s view
By Ellie, age 5

Good! It was good. I liked the part where the boy thinks that he is not good at football. And I liked the part where they sing all the songs.

I liked the story of Moses. It was cool when Moses put out his right arm to open the sea up and then put it out again to close the sea up.

I like how Noah got a good plan in the end of the story — how they got the plan where they change directions. I like this story.

Scripture Bugs ‘The Story of Moses’
Scripture Bugs ‘We Are All Important’ (alternate title)
We’re all Important: the Story of Moses and Aaron (alt. title)
Excel Entertainment 

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Review: The Littlest Nephite in Nephi and the Brass Plates

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Review from August 28 , 2008 printed in the Deseret News at the end of a review by Dad.

Kid’s Review of “The Littlest Nephite in Nephi and the Brass Plates” 

By Kate  (Age 7)

The Littlest Nephite in Nephi and the Brass Plates

Cover for "The Littlest Nephite"

I liked this book. It is a very good book, because I really like the story. It’s about these boys that try to get the brass plates. They want them because their father wanted them to get them. They are these plates that contain the scriptures. They tried to trade their riches for the brass plates, but the guards chased them out. They did not give up.

I already knew the story because I belong to the LDS Church. If you want to find out if the boys got the plates, read this book! I liked it!

The pictures are really good in the book for the pictures go with the words.

“The Littlest Nephite in Nephi and the Brass Plates”
Bevan Lloyd Olsen (Author)
Rebecca Miller (Illustrator)
Cedar Fort

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Review: Mom Says I Can

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Review from May 22, 2008 printed in the Deseret News at the end of a review by Dad.

Kid’s review of ‘Mom Says I Can’

By Kate  (age 6)

I liked this book.  It was very good. It reminded me of my mother. I like the pictures in it too.

I really like when it says, “I’m the King of the Jungle.”  That page says, “I’m the King of the Jungle. Look at me swing — I’m not afraid of anything! Just like the real king of the jungle.”

Mom Says I Can

Cover for "Mom Says I Can"

And everytime, at the end of the pages, except for the last couple pages, it says, “The World’s Greatest Treasure.” I like that.

I liked reading this book.  I like how the pictures look and how they actually look like he is flying in the airplane — because he has airplanes around him — and it looks like he is flying.

It’s a good way to remind you of your mother. I really like the title. I would recommend this book to your family.

Mom Says I Can
Judy Cooley
Shadow Mountain
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June 18, 2011

Our very first Super Kid post

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Kate (age 10):

Welcome to Super Kid Reviews! This blog will have reviews of books by us. This will help you  decide about whether you like a book or not. I will be reviewing chapter books for kids 9-12. Check out our blog about every 2-3 weeks for a new review. Thank you!

Ellie (age 8):

I hope you enjoy Super Kid Reviews. It will have reviews from me and my sister Kate. Some of our reviews, the books haven’t even come out yet. And some are really old. When the books come out, I hope you will read them. So enjoy our Super Kids Reviews website. Thank you.

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